DRS Fellowship

Members of the Design Research Society may apply, or be nominated, to become a Fellow of the DRS with conferment of the title acknowledging an established record of achievement in the field of design research or research-based design practice.

The DRS Fellow annual subscription is £105.00 (GBP) per annum with Fellows entitled to all the regular benefits of membership.

Fellowship of the DRS has significant benefits including:

• Personal use of the suffix FDRS in recognition of being a Fellow of the Society;
• Peer recognition as a significant design researcher;
• Joining a community that is regularly consulted on the future of the DRS;
• Eligibility to join the Fellows Election Committee.

Potential candidates for Fellowship should meet the following criteria:

• Be a current membership of the Design Research Society;
• Possess a research qualification (normally a PhD or Masters research degree);
• Have at least 7 years experience of research relating to design, or research-based design practice;
• Demonstrate a significant record of achievement in design research through (for example):

- Publications of an international standard;
- Successful research projects;
- Supervision of postgraduate research students;
- Postgraduate research education

Application for a DRS Fellowship

There are two ways to apply for Fellowship:

• Self-application;
• Nomination by any current member or Fellow of the Society.

Applications should consist of:

1. A cover letter with a case for election (maximum 1000 words) consisting of:
A description of the contributions and achievements of the nominee or applicant based on the above criteria;
A brief outline of what contribution the nominee or applicant could make to the Society;
A list of five examples of significant design research outputs;
2. A curriculum vitae;
3. The nomination of two referees of standing in the field (usually current DRS members or Fellows).

Applications should be submitted to the DRS Administrator (admin [at] designresearchsociety.org) who will liaise with the Chair of the Fellows Election Committee in managing applications.

Applications may be made to become a Fellow of the Society at any time.

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