Lecturer for Design Research gesucht!
The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is seeking a LECTURER IN DESIGN RESEARCH (0,7 FTE) to teach and oversee the “Research” course (0,4 fte) within the Master’s programme in Digital Design, and to propose, oversee, and secure funding for projects that have a research component (0,3 fte).

This position entails:

1) tasks as Lecturer in Design Research, for a total of 2 days/week (0,4

2) tasks related to the development of project proposals & grant
applications for projects connecting the Master’s Digital Design to various
public/private stakeholders, for a total of 1.5 days/week (0,3 fte)

The two sets of tasks are detailed below.

1) We are seeking a Lecturer for the “Design Research” course (2 days/week
– 0,4 fte). We look for an enthusiastic colleague who is comfortable with
the research methods commonly used by creative industries, and with more
open methodologies such as critical making or action research. At the end
of the course, students should be ready to conduct design research /
testing / validation in professional settings, and should also be aware of
other critical, exploratory, and art-inspired methodologies for research
through design.

2) For 1.5 days/week (0.3 fte), the candidate will also be responsible for
pitching projects that students & lecturers of the M.Sc. Digital Design
might conduct with researchers from the various research units (lectoraten)
of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and/or other institutions.
Currently, the M.Sc. Digital Design already employs an Industry Liaison
officer who is responsible for developing projects together with private
partners, and we envision that the Lecturer in Design Research will have a
similar task but targeted to research entities.

We are seeking a colleague with a Ph.D. degree in a field related to design
(HCI, Digital Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, UX…) and an
affinity to research methodologies applied to the design process. Due to
the complexity of this position, we require candidates to have obtained
their Ph.D. at the time of hiring. Demonstrable teaching experience in
English, especially at the graduate level, is essential. A track record in
obtaining funds through national or international grants is very valuable.
As a programme, we value diversity among our students, staff, and project
partners: the Lecturer in Design Research must be able to work effectively
and sensibly across a broad variety of cultural, disciplinary, and
professional backgrounds.

The selected candidate must be able to start at the beginning of Semester 2
(Feb. 1, 2021), but an earlier start date can be arranged if requested.

see the full ad:

For more details, please contact:
Gabriele Ferri, Ph.D.
Senior lecturer, Urban Interaction Design
Senior researcher, Play & Civic Media
Co-coordinator, M.Sc. Digital Design
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
03.07.2020 um 11:07 Uhr

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