Creative Transition towards Sustainability, 6th Sustainable Summer School, Barcelona, 03. - 05.11.2014
In a three day workshop, experts and PhD students from different European countries and disciplines will come together for an intensive exchange about strategies and specific possibilities of societal transformation towards more sustainable lifestyles. Through a dialogue between observers and analysts of the transformation on the one hand, and designers of the transformation on the other hand, the workshop promotes an intensive relationship between theory and praxis. The PhD Workshop therefore addresses different disciplines e.g. social, economic and cultural scientists, architects, product-designers, engineers. Best practice projects (e.g. living labs in Barcelona) will be presented and examined from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Since 2009 the Sustainable Summer School combines the discourses of sustainability and design, which are both posing the crucial questions of ‚What is a good life?‘ and ‚What do we have to do in order to achieve it?‘. Every year the event has attracted students from different fields as well as graduates, young professionals and experts from all over the world to come and experience the true meaning of sustainability while enhancing their international commitment.
25.06.2014 um 13:00 Uhr

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