Luisa Hilmer

Luisa Hilmer is a designer and design historian interested in contemporary design, architecture, the formation of space and museology. While studying Design at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, she worked as an assistant curator at the Arts and Crafts Museum Hamburg for two years. As a V&A/RCA History of Design student, Luisa's goal was to push discourse forward through an interdisciplinary approach. In collaboration with Iria Suárez and Lisa Rotzinger she conducted a research project at the Design Museum Gent to critically reflect on participatory methods used in the planning of the Design Museum's new wing. Luisa wrote her MA dissertation on "Participatory Design Processes in British Housing - 1980s and today" and is currently looking for a PhD position.


The exhibition "Critical Tide" brings together projects and works that explore the sea and the potential for positive impact through design. Location: Design Museo Helsinki (Finland)


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