Mira Antonijevic

ach & krach is a design agency for editorial-, brand-, and corporate design, e-publishing, devising ideas and concepts. 
In a nutshell: anything design. Be it print or online. Be it for publishing houses or small and medium size enterprises or be it for the creative industries.

 The founding days of ach & krach go back to 2003 when Mira Antonijevic started as a freelance art director in Hamburg, Germany. Her fondness for designing products for children and young-adults, brand design and devising ideas set the course right from the beginning. So it comes as no surprise that numerous prestigious publishing houses have sought and continue to call for her services when it comes to designing books and magazines, devising and implementing universes in their own right.

 Over time and with a widening of the product range we grew: a one-woman-show has matured into a private limited, into a creative agency. Today, under Mira’s leadership, a distinguished creative team of communication designers, graphic designers, typographers, copywriters and web designers handles ach & krach assignments and jobs.


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