Neu: Journal of Communication Design
Bloomsbury Publishing is delighted to announce that from 2015 it will be the publisher of the Journal of Communication Design: Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research (currently Iridescent), the official publication of Icograda (The International Council of Communication Design).

The Journal of Communication Design: Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research is an international, peer-reviewed publication which aims to develop and critically examine the emerging discourses in research related to contemporary communication and graphic design practice, education and methods, as well as their history, theory, and criticism. It features theoretical, historical, and applied research in communication design, exploring both analogue and digital forms. Areas of emphasis include: craft and critical practice, pedagogy and curriculum development, typography and image-making, book arts and publishing, information visualization and digital spaces, sustainability and social design, politics and popular culture.

The journal is interdisciplinary in scope, inviting contributions from scholars in disciplines related to graphic and communication design, including but not restricted to: cultural geography, cultural studies, education, ethnography, design history, journalism, museum studies, semiotics and linguistics, psychology, and sociology.
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