Submissions deadline: 19.08.2018

15th Annual meeting of the German Society for Design Theory and Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und -forschungm DGTF) | Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design | 16-17 November 2018

Whether space, image, text, object or system – design is always also communication. Against the backdrop of increasing radicalization, segmentation and polemization of social discourses, the relationship between design and communication seems more volatile today than ever. New communications media, channels, spaces and systems are constantly emerging. Machines, objects, even entire environments become independent actors that communicate with us and interact on various media levels. How can we sound out the contexts, the conditions that lead to possibility and the interdependencies of impact with regard to designed communication? What concepts are needed to conceptualize the relationship between design and communication from a present-day point of view?

Our conference "Matters of Communication" creates a space for discussion about how communication is designed today and how design is communicated today.

What are the pioneering approaches and methods of design research in relation to communication through and within contemporary forms of expression, as well as cultural and economic production?
How do research projects reflect "Matters of Communication", i.e. the form and materiality of designed communication, and their role in the emergence of attributions and interpretation contexts?
What is the role that design research plays in the development of relevant questions and solutions?
How is theory formation and translation into teaching and practice carried out?

The conference will feature panels ands and workshops in english, although participators should be aware that the main part of the conference will be held in German language. We strongly encourage english speaking researchers to submit contributions to the Call for Participation.

For further information, please contact us via: mail@dgtf.de and f.mueller@dgtf.de

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