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13th Annual Conference of the German Society for Design Theory and Research

The 13th annual conference of the German Society for Design Theory and Research addresses current approaches to and practices of design research. Our goal is to start a discussion concerning emerging challenges in the field of design research. Which issues gain the most interest in the current discourse? Which are the most visionary research projects regarding theory, practical application and teaching in the fields of design? Furthermore, we aim to reflect on methods and new approaches for the future, and question which challenges we will have to face. The conference is set up by the presentation and discussion of current research projects, as well as interactive workshops and smaller sessions.

This years conference will take place on the 18th-19th of November at the design department of the University of Anhalt in Dessau. The university offers ideal workspaces and discussion areas, being set in direct reach of the Bauhaus, which is, until today, known as the birthplace of modern design and architectural education. The conference will be hosted by Prof. Katja Thoring.

The conference will feature several contributions in english, although participators should be aware that the main part of the conference will be held in German language.

The historical Prellerhaus of the Bauhaus will serve as an accommodation for our guests. Participants are able to reserve rooms by using the keyword „DGTF“. Rooms can be booked via the following link: http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/wohnen-im-ateliergebaeude-11.html

For further information, please contact us via: Mail@dgtf.de

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