On the Theory and Practice of the Social and Political in Design | Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design | 01-02.12.2017 | 14th Annual Conference of the German Society for Design Theory and Research

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We are currently experiencing a new discursive and practical shift toward the political and social dimensions in design. In close interaction to social upheavals of the last few decades, the discipline of design is currently seeking to redefine itself in its relationship to socio-political complexity. For the 14th DGTF Conference we will be addressing both the practical as well as the theoretical and normative approaches to situate and differentiate design’s new relations to politics and society. We will simultaneously try to trace the historical developments that have led to this new negotiation in order to form the basis for discussion that synthesizes past theses and goes further.

What historical approaches are being referred to, which are we ignoring? What models and self-understandings do we assume, how can we contextualize these roles? What impact can we have on this context, what contributions can we make, where are the pitfalls? How far dare we go in understanding these new developments as “design” and at what point are we talking about something else entirely?

The conference will feature panels ands and workshops in english, although participators should be aware that the main part of the conference will be held in German language. We strongly encourage english speaking researchers to submit contributions to the Call for Participation.

For further information, please contact us via: Mail@dgtf.de

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