SwissGradNet Discovery Conference No. 3
Friday, October 29, 2021

Can a machine design?

Implications of artificial intelligence for the future of art and design universities
The Discovery Conference 2021 will focus on the implications of a future shaped by AI for higher education institutions. Together with exponents from the creative industries, the arts and universities, relevant fields of action for the successful further development of education and research at art and design universities are to be outlined. In light of which, the question for universities is not only how their institutional mandate should be fulfilled, but also the reverse: to what extent can the fields of design and the arts contribute to the further development of other disciplines and professional fields in the context of digital change and AI?

Founded in 2017, SwissGradNet is a network of three Swiss universities of applied sciences and their international partner universities who follow the objective to foster use-inspired PhD projects and research in the fields of design, film and art. As part of the annual Discovery Conference, SwissGradNet invites the academic, industrial and creative community to present current research and provide a platform for discussion and exchange.

An invitation with programme details and link to the online registration will be sent out as from July. For further information or any questions, please visit our website or contact claudia.ramseier [at ]

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