CALL FOR PAPER | Interdisciplinary Conference POM Berlin 2021
POM Berlin 2021
Politics of the Machines
Rogue Research

The 3rd POM Conference
September 13-18, 2021

Submission deadline for abstracts: 15. March 2021

In a state of ontological crisis, all boundaries between human and machine, nature and culture, and the organic and inorganic have been severely blurred. These are times of curious contrivances, novel natures, inescapable automation, and posthuman performances – where human and nonhuman find themselves being entwined, meshed and muddled into new unwitting entanglements. But from biased machine-learning to surveillance capitalism and digital colonisation – what power-structures are implicitly and covertly being embedded into these technologies?
In a demand for more transparency, multiple movements are making a turn toward democratising knowledge and technology. They are exploring the potentials of open data, software, hardware and wetware to battle concealed hierarchies and partisan paradigms – eliciting a practice of counter-coding in a proliferating politics of machines.

Within the Politics of the Machines conference series – following Copenhagen (2018) and Beirut (2019), the third POM conference will take place in Berlin on 13-18 of September 2021, hosted by the chair for Open Science at the Technische Universität Berlin and the Einstein Center Digital Future.

The goal of this edition of POM is to debate and devise concepts and practices that seek to critically question and unravel novel modes of science – what roles do academia, researchers, scientists, artists and designers have to take on in times of crisis, how must we re/position ourselves? What chances or challenges might the democratisation of technology and knowledge elicit, and what potential do practices such as critical making, community science, trans/feminist hacking or citizen forensics hold to bend the hierarchies of power – how can we work with active matter and technical turmoil to re/act?

‘POM Berlin – Rogue Research’ aims to probe new methodological approaches from art, design and civic activism within the framework of academia in order to surface an inter- and transdisciplinary terrain that attempts to exceed the boundaries of theory and practice, academia and activism, and science and civil society.

Track 1 / Decolonizing the Machine
Track 2 / Spaces – Encounters, Subjectivities + Environments
Track 3 / (Micro)biocontrol and Ethics of Care
Track 4 / Digging Earth
Track 5 / Open Science/Critical Spaces
Track 6 / Interferences of the Multitude

Conference Committee
Michelle Christensen (Technische Universität Berlin / Berlin University of the Arts)
Florian Conradi (Technische Universität Berlin / Berlin University of the Arts)
Laura Beloff (Aalto University)
Morten Søndergaard (Aalborg University)
Hassan Choubassi (The International University of Beirut)
Joe Elias (The International University of Beirut)
Dehlia Hannah (Aalborg University / Institute for Cultural Inquiry Berlin)

We aim to carry out this conference as a hybrid online/offline event based in Berlin, should the circumstances of the current pandemic permit. However, notwithstanding the format, the contributions will form the foundations for the planned publication.

Applicants are invited to submit a 500-word abstract under one of the six conference tracks by 15.03.2021. Following acceptance of the abstract, authors are requested to submit their full paper (max. 4000 words including references) by 01.07.2021.

All submissions will undergo double blind peer-review and accepted papers will be presented in the conference programme and published in the open access conference proceedings.

For further information, track descriptions and submission guidelines please visit:
15.02.2021 um 14:39 Uhr

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