CFP: CAA 2021 || Deadline September 16
Conference: New York and online, February 10-13, 2021
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Design, Business as Usual: Practices and Networks in History
Affiliated Society or Committee Name: Design Studies Forum
Anca I. Lasc, Pratt Institute and Erica N. Morawski
Email Address(s): , emorawsk[at]

When challenged by economic crises the viability of design fields might ride not least on their business processes and networks. While design historians have addressed aspects of business history, there is still room for critical engagement with the topic. Where does design history end and business history begin? How do methods of business history offer new possibilities for design history? What role do public and private networks play in the business of design, whether friendships, family relationships, guilds/unions, design firms/designers, professional or political affiliations, trade literature, international geopolitics, corporations, manufacturing, commerce? How are businesses and networks implicated in design processes or vice versa? What may be considered “official” versus “unofficial” business practices, and what may be the relationship between the two in what design history is concerned? We define “business” inclusively to accommodate a variety of economic and geographical contexts throughout time and welcome research that proposes new ways of defining “business” in relation to various design fields. How do we understand business and networks in design of the past as we inhabit the economic crisis of the present? How can design’s histories help us consider what aspects and practices of business and its networks might fall to the wayside or be reconfigured when the current global pandemic won’t allow us to continue with “business as usual?” Our goal is to include enough participants in the session to support a set of lightning talks, followed by a roundtable discussion that encourages audience engagement in the conversation.

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