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RGD’s International Journal of Graphic Design Pedagogy and Practice is a platform for discourse on the role of design education and design educators in the 21st century. The journal explores aspects of teaching and learning in a visual communication design context, including: curriculum development, design research, critical pedagogy, strategies, and methodologies. The journal welcomes submissions from educators, practitioners, and students that include case studies, pilot and research projects, and literature reviews.

Design has tremendous power to engage with global, social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges. It is useful for design educators to reflect on where design has been and to think about where it will go in order to understand how design pedagogy can prepare students to be agents of and for change.

What considerations and issues must educators address in order to best prepare the next generation of designers? By examining the evolving contexts and practices of design around the world, the journal seeks areas of opportunity in which design curricula and the industry can evolve.

Deadline for submissions: 9 November 2019
Publication date: DesignThinkers 2020 (October 24-25)

Website: GDPP
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