Participatory Design Conference PDC2020 – Participation(s) otherwise
Participatory Design Conference PDC2020 – Participation(s) otherwise
Manizales, Colombia June 15-19 2020
Universidad de Caldas
Deadline for submissions: 1 Sep 2019

The Participatory Design Conference (PDC) has a long history in bringing together research concerned with the direct involvement of people in co-design, development, implementation, and appropriation activities around technologies, spaces, artefacts, and services. The conference invites researchers and practitioners working on participatory design, as it is encountered and discussed in multiple fields.

Since Participatory Design’s (PD) emergence as a research community, PD scholars have asserted that design is a practical, social and political endeavour. Main commitments include: offering alternative technologies, rendering design processes democratic, open and accessible to wide participation, and amenable to critical scrutiny and mutual learning.

This is the first time PDC will be held in South America, hosted by Universidad de Caldas in conjunction with their Festival de la Imagen.
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