Graphic Design/typography for the doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design
Konstfack is looking for candidates who have a qualified practice within the field of graphic design/typography, and want to pursue practice-based research within the field.

Visual Communication at Konstfack contributes to an expansive discipline at a time when visual media is a constant presence in everyday life on a global scale. Practice-based research entails making visible, and interrogating, aspects of visual media that confirm, challenge or delimit historic and/or contemporary human realities.

The Art, Technology and Design doctoral programme takes the form of a collaboration between Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts and Design and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The programme takes as its point of departure issues relating to climate impact, urbanisation, migration, widened social and economic divides and diminishing availability of natural resources. These major social challenges make substantial demands in terms of new approaches and process-orientated, holistic thinking. The objective of the Art, Technology and Design doctoral programme is to contribute to sustainable social development and the shift required by such development, with a radical new approach to the relationship between the individual, society and the environment. Artistic research and investigation are regarded here as an essential component in this development in the direction of sustainable societies. The programme is transdisciplinary, i.e. integrating knowledge and perspectives from different disciplinary research domains and activities

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