Call for Paper: EPIC2019 – International Conference on Ethnography in Business
EPIC2019 is the premier international conference on ethnography in business
9–12 November
Providence, Rhode Island

What does it mean to have agency in an increasingly automated world?

"Businesses are investing in 'intelligent' technologies that promise to take humans 'out of the loop.' But human agency is not disappearing—it’s evolving, and humanistic perspectives are more essential than ever. EPIC2019 will explore how our models of behavior and culture shape spaces of opportunity and risk for diverse people and organizations. We invite ethnographers and technologists of all backgrounds to advance the value of our work through the prism of agency."

Call for papers:
Most contributions should draw on theoretical advances in ethnographically informed social science research and aligned disciplines, coupled with applied best practices from professional fields.
The conference invites papers that advance ethnography in industry by presenting new developments in ethnographic research that emphasize the interplay between theory and practice.

Submission deadline: April 12

For more information about the conference and submission please visit:
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