Call for DRS Learn X Design 2019 PhD Pit-Stop
DRS Learn X Design 2019
Fifth International Conference
for Design Education Researchers
9-12 July 2019, METU, Ankara

Call for DRS Learn X Design 2019 PhD Pit-Stop
9 July 2019, Tuesday

Deadline for PhD Pit-Stop applications: 18 March 2019, Monday

The initiating episode of the DRS Learn X Design 2019 conference will be a one-day “PhD Pit-Stop” event gathering PhD students and supervisors from various design fields. Whether at the beginning, half-way through, or almost approaching the end, we invite you to participate in this event to present your PhD research, receive individual feedback, explore various dimensions and aspects of PhD research, and share insights from your PhD journey with an international design research community.

The PhD Pit-Stop day will start with short presentations by PhD students, followed by interactive discussions with peers and supervisors. The main event of the day will be the PhD Pit-Stop workshop, where supervisors host PhD students in separate discussion zones dedicated to specific stages, issues and challenges of the PhD research.

More information about the conference and submission: drslxd19
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