Architectural Investigations in Contemporary Politics and Conflict
Architectural Investigations in Contemporary Politics and Conflict
Session 10: Artificial Phenomenology

Eyal Weizman with Christina Varvia and Merve Anil
Evidentiary Aesthetics
Series: Open Seminars
Date: Tuesday 26 February 2019
Time: 18:30
Venue: AA Lecture Hall

The seminar introduces the means and modes by which architecture — as a contemporary set of techniques and as a body of knowledge — can become an investigative and evidentiary mode through which to interrogate contemporary politics and conflict.

At the shadow of new technologies of capture and detection – increasingly based on pattern recognition and other neural networks used in machine learning — also emerge ever more sophisticated techniques of secrecy and camouflage as well as new avenues for independent investigators. Counter investigating state policy and its associated secrecy are crucial because the facts of conflict are ever and always contested, incidents can have multiple readings, and states and security forces have a tendency for cover-up or denial in an environment now commonly referred to as ‘post truth’.

The seminar — building upon the work of the Forensic Architecture agency, its collaborators and friends — introduces a concept that bridges between architecture media and conflict.

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