EKSIG International Conference 2019

With the theme 'Knowing Together – experiential knowledge and collaboration' the conference aims to provide a forum for debate about knowledge generation in collaboration by professionals and academic researchers in the creative disciplines and beyond.

EKSIG 2019 aims to examine collaboration within research and commercial teams that comprise creative professionals/researchers (such as designers, artists, architects, etc.) and members with other diverse disciplinary expertise. This is to understand how individual experiential knowledge, or knowledge gained by practice, is shared, how collective experiential knowledge is accumulated and communicated in and through collaboration, and how it is embodied in the outputs and may be traced back to the origin of the practice. The conference also aims to illuminate 'making' as the action of change in which matter and materials are transformed through collaboration, interaction or negotiation between the collaborative team and their material and non-material environments.

This conference welcomes contributions from creative subjects and other disciplines, e.g. design, architecture, engineering, craft, media, HCI, performance, music, fine art, curation, museology, archaeology, philosophy, knowledge management, education, health, cognitive science, gastronomy, oenology, sensory studies, etc., that are concerned with collaboration in research and in creative and professional practice.

Dates and Deadlines

Third call for papers – 4 March 2019
Submission of full papers – 5 April 2019
Notification of acceptance of papers – 10 June 2019
Submission of final revised papers – 19 July 2019
Conference – 23–24 September 2019

More information and application form: www.eksig2019.com
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