CfP ADIM 2019 Academy for Design Innovation Management
Full Paper deadline | 29th January 2019
Notification of accepted Full Papers | Tuesday 12 March 2019
Deadline for Full Papers with corrections & Registration of paper author(s) | Tuesday 16 April 2019
Conference will take place | 19–21 June 2019

The Academy for Design Innovation Management invites an international community of scholars to formulate areas of explorations and academic contributions in the following Tracks around which the conference is organised:

1. Social Impact Transformation
1.a Transformation of the ageing society and its impact on design
1.b Re-Designing Health: Transforming Systems, Practices and Care
2. Transforming Design Perspectives
2.a Decolonising Knowledge to Transform Societies
2.b Design & Democracy
2.c Gender of/in design practice and profession
2.d Power and Politics in Design for Transition
2.e Design Innovation and Philosophy of Technology: the Practical Turn
3. Transforming Design Values
3.a Moving Beyond Existing Economic and Social Models through Design
3.b Measuring and communicating the value of design
3.c Design Policy: Understanding regional and national innovation ecosystems
3.d How does design express value?
3.e Service organisation and design management
4. Design, Innovation and Business
4.a Effective Design Leadership
4.b Designerly ways of innovating
4.c Transformation IN and BY Design Thinking
4.d How is business shaping design? Explorations of the contextual environment and its effects
4.e Co-creation and Organisational Ambidexterity (O.A.) as an innovative framework for the service industries
4.f Strategic Design of Sustainable Business Models
4.g Disaster management by design-driven innovation. Shelter for resilient communities
4.h Uncovering organisational practices of design businesses
5. Mitigating Complexities with Design
5.a Transforming Complexities through Design in Collaborative Community-based Processes
5.b Strengthening the design capabilities of professional organisations in a complex world
5.c Transformation of Design Entrepreneurship within Complex Systems
5.d Impact of digitisation on transformation of Service Design Systems
5.e Seeking Signification in Transformational Times: Design Semiotics and the Negotiation of Meaning
5.f Transformation by Strategic Design: Design Roadmapping and Creative Foresight
5.g Design with Foresight: Strategic Anticipation in Design Research
5.h Creative Confidence – Transforming individuals and organisations
5.i Epistemological Strategies in Design and Management
6. Transforming Design Innovation Education
6.a Materiality in the Digital Age
6.b Design Literacy enabling Critical Innovation Practices
6.c Entrepreneurship in Design Education
6.d Real-World Design Futures and Directions

To submit your full paper for the double-blind review you will need to:

1) Download the Blind Paper Template:

2) Register online in the ADIM 2019 conference management system: (if you participated in the 2017 conference in Hong Kong then you will have an existing account on the system).

3) Save your full paper as PDF and upload it before Tuesday 29 January 2019 onto the conference management system

All papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed.
Full papers should be between 5000 and 6000 words in length excluding abstract and references using the initial blind full paper template that can be downloaded below. Both British English and American English are accepted.

We welcome any research approach or type of paper including conceptual, empirical and critical literature reviews. However, we expect high standards of scholarship in terms of establishing context, explicating the methods of inquiry, and reporting the results that may aid other researchers.

If you are a single author, then you can submit only ONE paper. If a paper is co-authored, then you can submit as many papers as you have co-authors. The lead presenter will need to change for each of the different papers. For example, if Author A and B have co-written a paper titled “Paper BA” which has been accepted and Author A also has an accepted the single author paper titled “Paper A”, then Author B will present the paper titled “Paper AB” and Author A will present on the paper titled “Paper A”. It is important that both authors register for ADIM 2018.
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