CfA: Hive #3. 6 Month Residency, thecamp, Aix-en-Provence, France 30.09.2018
HIVE is a 6-month residency program hosting 20 young artists and creators from all over the world. This team of young creatives form a collaborative expedition to explore and hack the future, developing concrete solutions applied to universal issues. Energy, oceans, mobility, education, quality of life… are the kind of challenges. 5 functional prototypes will be the result of the residency. Art pieces, interactive experiences, technological solutions, social innovations, everything is possible as long as your project contribute to a more desirable future and as you work in a collaborative way!

The Hive hosts Hivers on six-month residencies in total immersion and, above all, encourages them to experiment collectively with an entirely new way of creating, at the intersection of different disciplines and cultures. Its creators-in-residence, the Hivers, all come from very different backgrounds. Selected through a call for projects, without any qualifications criteria imposed, the creators –all talented in their
respective domains- are inquisitive minds who share thecamp’s values and commitment. Hailing form ten different countries, they share their diverse skills and experiences of life with each other on a daily basis.

The Hive offers its creators-in-residence the freedom to create, since they are provided with bed and board and payment and given support throughout their stay, from conception through to project prototyping. The Hive designs a tailored methodology for assisting its talent. Hivers do not go to the Hive to develop their own personal project. They go there to be surprised and to take part in col-
lective projects addressing fundamental issues for our society, projects they choose collectively during the residency. The Hive team provides them with support using a methodology that is tailored to their needs and strictly supervised in order to encourage collective idea-forming and to accompany them through to prototyping. At the start of the residency, an immersion phase allows Hivers to meet and get to know each other to progressively mingle their skills. Conception workshops are then organized during which the teams are put together and the projects launched. Lastly, the projects arrive at the prototyping phase before being presented to the wider thecamp ecosystem and general public.

Taking its inspiration from American universities, think tanks and fab labs, thecamp is a space where innovative expeditions are planned to survey, assess and invent the future in a collaborative way. It provides the optimum conditions: a human ecosystem for co-creating, methods and tools for prototyping, partners for innovating in the field, spaces for winding down and activities for discovering new things and creating ties.

This base camp is a starting point for mapping out new orientations for tomorrow, using collective intelligence and guided by a humanist vision. The discoveries made on the way will enable us to invent an exciting future through new ways of living, working and collaborating. Nutrition, health, mobility, education, environment... the goal is to create new and positive paradigms for mankind and the planet.

The deadline for applications is 30.09.2018. The programm will take place: January 21–July 30 2019.
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