CfP: Artifact: Journal of Design Practice. 01.09.2018
Artifact: Journal of Design Practice is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal that publishes doubleblind
peer-reviewed design research broadly concerned with examining the nature of, developments in, and understandings of design practices.

Design research is rapidly becoming a knowledge-intensive field characterized by an overwhelming scholarly interest in design’s many interfaces. These range from the role of design in solving complex societal problems to enhancing the sustainability and profitability of businesses across industries and geographies.

This trajectory in many ways focuses attention on processes and social construction of meanings rather than design process outcomes. Against this backdrop, the journal provides an outlet for researchers across disciplines and research approaches and encourages contributions from diverse perspectives that examine practices related to traditional and novel: activities of design, professions of design, and organizational uses of design. Moreover, the journal aims to reflect recent decades’ substantial transformation of the field of design research with contributions that touch on design practices from a broad spectrum of scientific fields suchas semiotics, design semantics, critical discourse analysis, science and technology studies, design(erly) thinking, management, organization, and material history.

For the upcoming journal issue, manuscripts are invited, that may engage with any of the
following themes (but not limited to):

• Theoretical and conceptual perspectives on the nature of current and future design practice.
• Theoretical and empirical inquiries into the nature and understandings of contemporary
design practices.
• Dimensions of design practice vis-à-vis design knowledge.
• The role of design practice in driving and shaping entrepreneurial processes and/or strategies.
• The role of design practice in relation to societal or organizational change, innovation and
value creation from a competitive, financial, social, and/or sustainability perspective.
Broad questions that may be considered in this regard are:
• Is it possible to limit domain-specific bodies of professional knowledge and authorized
procedures of design?
• What are the roles of classical design disciplines such as craft-based design, graphic design,
industrial design, etc. in relation to the growing interest in the concept of ‘design thinking’?
• In a time where the boundaries between professional design fields tend to blur, does it any
longer make sense to talk about a professional design practice, rather than many ways of
practicing design?

Prospective authors should ensure their papers follow the Artifact: Journal of Design Practice
author guidelines.

Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2018

All submissions must include a signed Open Access publishing agreement giving the journal your permission to publish your paper should it be accepted by our peer review panel. Until further notice contributions should be submitted by e-mail to editor Nicky

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