The Most Exciting Design Studio In The World. Citizen Science Project. 18.05.2018
The Most Exciting Design Studio In The World is a citizen science project adressing interaction design students, working in a design studio. The goal is to find out how to improve design studios for students and find out how design studios are used by the students:
What is done to improve the environment? Or is the studio accepted as it was organized by the faculty?
And if improvements are made, in which way can design studios be made more exciting?
In the process the project also aims to test what citizen science can do for design research.

How it works:

The main goal would be if every interaction design program in the world would upload a photo.
Dimensional Analysis is a grounded theory method that challenges you to find opposits, dimensions, along which to place the qualitative data entries. The first dimensions may sound too naive, but the more dimensions are tried, the better understandable the data gets. (Kools et al. 1996)

The Website offers two different „Dimension Boards“ entitled „Atmosphere“, „Ways of Working“ as well as a „Discussion Board“ with categories such as „Exciting Literature“, „Theorize“ and „New Dimensions?“

Registered students are asked to upload a studio photo. Only one photo per school is accepted. Photos should name the school and a one-liner, containing the study-program. Participants can organize the photos according to the categories on the dimension board and are asked to add explanations for their organizing choices. The discussion will close after the SIDeR 2018, May 18-19. This is when the results will be posted at a workshop on building theory about design studio environments.

The project was initiated by Kamila Halabura and Nele Schmidt, graduate students IT Product Design and Jacob Buur, Professor of User-Centred Design SDU Design, University of Southern Denmark.

Find the project under the following Link:

Find further information on the SIDeR 2018 here:
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