Harbour for Cultures: 13th International Design Contest. Triestecontemporanea 2018. 15.07.18
The Trieste Contemporanea Committee announces the 13th edition of the International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea with the aim of showcasing the most original design offerings from the countries of Central Eastern Europe.

art.1 - Premises

The 2018 edition of the contest will be based on the ongoing two-year project Harbour for Cultures (from now on: H/C). H/C draws inspiration from the real case history of how to convert and reuse the area of the Porto Vecchio (old port) of Trieste, which has remained unused and in a state of decay for decades. H/C is an incubator where creative minds of art curators, artists and thinkers from other disciplines re-interpret the usual functions of a port in view of shaping an image of a “new port”, with its interim state between arriving, belonging and leaving, where people freely exchange their own cultures (instead of goods), while assuring their values (a new idea of insurance…) so that new profits (benefits of art and culture) are earned by the many.
The H/C process is now extended by this call to designers, who, while enrolling to the 2018 contest, will challenge this utopia: a vision beyond geographical and mental borders to create a (near) future shared society.

art. 2 – 2018’s Main Theme


Participants are asked to contribute to H/C with a concrete project and to conceive an original and innovative item of contemporary design that should be useful in a possible harbour for cultures.

art. 3 – Trieste Award Theme
The dedicated theme

The Trieste Award challenge is to invent, in terms of social design or relational design, something pertinent to a harbour for culture – the 2018 subject of the competition – but peculiar for the area given of Porto Vecchio, which, with all the specific characteristics of a once successful trading port, is now an industrial heritage site to be rethought for the modern life of the whole city.

The Trieste theme asks participants to develop design projects based on human relations needs and their social contexts. The goal will be to create ways to interact with the existing real map of trieste’s porto vecchio by inventing an original and innovative object, or a temporary structure that has to be made from sustainable materials. The proposed project has to be led by one or more of the following principles: relational, interactive, inclusive, being of collective interest, able of gathering people, able to produce engagement.

art. 4 – Requirements For Participation

The competition is open to all designers born in CEI member states (Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine) in compliance with its purposes. The 2018 edition of the contest has been extended to designers born in Estonia, Germany, Kosovo*, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey as well.

Any groups competing should consist exclusively of members born in the countries listed above.

Any groups wishing to participate should fill out the application form with the name of the group leader and list the names and countries of birth of the other group members.

Each contestant can enter only a single project, unless entering one for the general theme of the competition and a separate one for the Trieste Award’s dedicated theme.

More information: http://www.triestecontemporanea.it/HC_2018/index.html
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