CFA: INSIGHT 2018. Design Research Conference at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Until 07.05.18

INSIGHT 2018 brings together, on a common platform, design educators, practitioners, design researchers and advocates of design to reflect upon, discuss and debate what constitutes design research and design epistemology, its multi-faceted nature and forms, research ethics, issues in contemporary design research and its implications for design education and practice. The symposium seeks to share knowledge and perceptions on design research culture, methodology, framework, practice, collaboration and its dissemination.

Design, conceived as a problem solving activity and profession has evolved into a strategic thought process currently influencing most domains of knowledge and practice. While knowledge domains related to the arts, science, technology and management have a structured and established framework for research, design by virtue of its nature and purpose has been evolving its approaches contextually.

Is design research, research through design, research on design or research for design?
INSIGHT 2018 calls for abstracts of papers on the following broad themes from design educators, researchers and practitioners.

Design Research in Academic Practice

The goals, nature and culture of good design research in academia, design research as unique intellectual culture, research in design education, pedagogy, curriculum, formulation of student exercises in skill/studio/project based courses, new program design, evaluation techniques; domain specific area of interest (e.g. Communication Design, Industrial Design, Interaction & Information Design, Service Design, Textile and Apparel Design), implications/ challenges of design research for design education, the ethics of design research in education.

Design Research in Professional Practice

The goals, nature and culture of design research in professional practice, research led design practiced by design studios, design driven industry, importance of the research phase in the design process for informed outcomes, design research as a professional practice, challenges of design research in professional practice, design research on sustainable development, the ethics of design research in professional practice.

Innovations in Design Research Methods

Appropriate approaches to developing an understanding of design, creativity in design research methods, innovative tools & techniques, smart research, technologies in design research, and the web.

Contemporary & Evolving Models of Design Research

Interpretations of design research in various design domains, developing unique customized approaches and models, visual representation of design research.

Research as Design and Design as Research

Research and design as circular processes, exploring research as a design activity, exploring design as a research activity, the locus standi of research as design, the case of design as research.

Multi-disciplinary Research in Design

Research in fields of humanities, social sciences, technology supporting or impacting design solutions, cross-disciplinary collaboration and teamwork, creative approaches in design research, examples of multi-disciplinary research in design, dissemination of design research.

Call for abstracts:07 April 2018
Last Date of Abstract submission: 07 May 2018
Notification of acceptance:22 May 2018
Final paper submission:22 August 2018
Symposium:1 & 2 November 2018
27.04.2018 um 13:35 Uhr

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