Flavia Alice Mameli; Franziska Polleter; Mathilda Rosengren; Josefine Sarkez-Knudsen (eds.): Urban Appropriation Strategies
Flavia Alice Mameli / Franziska Polleter / Mathilda Rosengren / Josefine Sarkez-Knudsen (eds.)
Urban Appropriation Strategies

Exploring Space-making Practices in Contemporary European Cityscapes

In the past years, the transiency of European city-making and dwelling has become increasingly hard to disregard. This urban flux calls for a methodological rethinking for those professionals, social and natural scientists, artists, and activists, with an interest in the processes of remaking and reclaiming urban space. With a practical and empirical emphasis, this anthology brings forth a variety of perspectives on urban appropriation strategies, their relation to public space-making, and their implications for future city development, exploring how ideas and practices of appropriation inform and relate to cultural narratives, politico-historical occasions as well as socio-ecological expressions.

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