CfP: Information+ 2018: Interdisciplinary Practices in Information Design & Visualization. 15.05.2018
Following the success of Information+ 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, the biennial conference brings together researchers and practitioners in information design and visualization to discuss common questions and challenges in these rapidly changing fields. Unlike discipline-specific gatherings, Information+ seeks to foster productive exchanges amongst the variety of people involved in the theories, practices, and pedagogies of analyzing and communicating information.

Information+ 2018 will again include three events: a one-day hands-on workshop [19 Oct], a two-day conference [20–21 Oct], and an exhibition of historic information design [19 Oct – 14 Dec]. The events will take place at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FH Potsdam), Germany, which was the first university to offer a study program in interface design in Germany. It has since gained international reputation for their design-oriented information visualization research.

As an interdisciplinary event, proposals from all fields of professional practice, research, and education in information design and visualization will be accepted. Submissions on such topics as (but not limited to): the environment, advocacy and law, health and medical applications, social and political issues, cultural analysis and collections, digital humanities, and projects in data journalism are welcome.

Authors accepted for presentation at the conference will have an opportunity to submit articles for publication in a special issue of an academic journal (to be announced soon). The special issue will contain articles selected by a peer review process.

Possible formats are:

paper presentations – 15 minutes
an abstract [500 Words] with one descriptive figure and 3 keywords.

lightning talks – 5 minutes
short abstract [250 Words] with one descriptive figure and 3 keywords.

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