CFP: Alive. Active. Adaptive. International Journal of Design. 28.02.18
Special Issue of the International Journal of Design:
Alive. Active. Adaptive: Experiential Knowledge and Emerging Materials

Suzanne Lee uses microbial cellulose composed of millions of tiny bacteria to produce clothing in her bathtub (Science Museum, 2010); Carol Colette, in “This is Alive” (2013), invites us to imagine a world in which plants grow products and bacteria are genetically reprogrammed; Anna Vallgårda (2009) introduces the notion of “computational composites”, a new design space in which conventional materials (like wood) become more expressive and adaptable through computation. These are a few examples of how the emergence of new materials and new approaches to using materials is offering an opportunity for achieving new experiences in design. But as materials acquire new agency and interactional possibilities (whether algorithmic, biological or chemical), how do we work with such alive, active and adaptive materials? And as materials acquire connectivity (whether digital or organic) and thus the ability to fluctuate within more fluid situations of use and need, how do we understand the movements, temporalities and relationships of one material in relation to other materials? This calls for different skill sets and for different ways of understanding and mobilizing materials in design.

In this special issue, we welcome submissions from a diverse range of researchers and practitioners whose work is centered on the experiential knowledge acquired through working with emerging materials that are alive, active and adaptive.

Suggested Research Themes

Designerly or artistic ways of understanding alive, active, adaptive materials
Frameworks, approaches, tools and methods to support designing with alive, active and adaptive materials
Interdisciplinary collaborations between different disciplines, such as materials science and design, in opening up new research spaces and design possibilities with alive, active and adaptive materials
Explorations of future applications of alive, active and adaptive materials
Critical views on the future of emerging materials and the implications for design research and practice
Design research on and reflective accounts of experience and practice with alive, active and adaptive materials
Implications of alive, active and adaptive materials on (materials) education in design or other creative disciplines

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Full Paper Due: 28.02.2018

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