Conference: «Display | Disruption | Disorder. Emmenbrücke/Luzern, 17.-18.11.17
«Display | Disruption | Disorder– New Formats, Actors and Places in Audiovisual Media»

Digitization and distribution via the Internet and social media have proved a massive disruption to traditional structures of audiovisual media. Young directors and media producers are defining new positions in an ever-shifting media ecology, constantly facing the pressure to adapt to a wide array of technological, economical as well as social changes. These shifts in tools, professional status, networks, and aesthetics have had a huge impact on authorial agendas. The conference ‘Display, Disruption, Disorder’ focuses on three main aspects of change in the field of audiovisual production and perception. The conference is interested in new forms, new actors, and new places in a developing landscape of contemporary audiovisual media.
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