Postdoctoral researcher. Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions.
Designing things as citizens to leverage urban intelligent infrastructures

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a known concept for the smart city vision of the future. However, current implementations are often limited to sensing only: the Internet as dashboard, with sensors in the real world. In this arrangement, urban innovation stops at collecting data, visualising it on an app, and opening it for insights. But how fast could the city adapt if things in the real world could respond to data? If they could not only sense but also act?

PACT (Pure Air for Cities of Things)
aims to develop novel methods and tools for understanding and demonstrating how intelligent things can act in concert with people and connect to existing data and cloud services. The project will use the context of urban air purification as a concrete and relevant case but results are expected to be applicable also to other contexts (energy production, circular economies, mobility etc.) The goal is to bring together companies, cities, citizens and intelligent things into a ‘more- than-human’ collaboration to generate, prototype and validate design hypotheses for flexible and responsive urban infrastructures.

The postdoc will produce the research and consortium groundwork for PACT - a PPP (Public Private Partnership) field lab proposal.
The ideal candidate has a PhD in HCI/Interaction Design or Urban Design with background and/or experience in data-driven systems, intelligent actuation and design thinking. Previous experience with grant writing and public engagement is desirable. The position is open immediately until filled and is initially limited to 1 year. Place of work is Delft and Amsterdam.

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Prof. Dr. Elisa Giaccardi
21.06.2017 um 10:59 Uhr

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