Lecturer (f/m) Typography/Font Design/Layout. German University in Cairo. 15.05.17
Faculty of Applied Science and Arts

The German University in Cairo invites applications for the following vacancies to be filled during the academic year 2017/2018.

Position Description:

The German University in Cairo is looking for highly able and motivated applicants wishing to join The Graphic Design Department. Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to undergraduate and graduate teaching. He/She should have a previous experience in Arabic & Latin Typography, Typesetting and Layout. Arabic & Latin font design experience would be an asset. Sound knowledge of information design, signage and pictograms is a plus.

Lecturer applicants should hold a master degree or German Diplom in a related area.
Candidates applying for Lecturer position should have at least 5 years of professional practice and 3 years of teaching experience.
Knowledge of current and future issues within the field of design education-excellence in research, scholarship, design or creative practice.
Strong commitment to progressive design education principles with respect to self organized and responsible design study.
Ability to structure and define project goals in order to foster and motivate positive experiences, and develop and nurture students‘ design abilities
Interest and competence in working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, professional training and aesthetic sensibilities.
Understanding of the implications of design practice in relationship to broader social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological forces.
Excellent writing and interpersonal communication skills in English.
Good organizational and administrative skills, including the ability to meet deadlines, communicate and motivate effectively.
An interest in working collaboratively within the GUC and with external partners towards the development of shared projects and initiatives.
Application Instructions:

Interested applicants are invited to submit their curriculum vitae including employment history, a statement outlining research and teaching interests, list of publications and projects undertaken and names of at least three referees. Applications to be submitted using the below link by referencing posting: #ref. Die Zeit - II8.3.1

Applications will be reviewed until position is filled. For best consideration, submit applications by 15th of May, 2017.
03.05.2017 um 10:37 Uhr

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