CFP: The 16th biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC). 10.11.17
The 16th biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC)
Hasselt & Genk, Belgium, 20 - 24 August 2018

"Participatory Design, Democracy and Politics"

The Participatory Design Conference (PDC) brings together a multidisciplinary
and international group of researchers and practitioners encompassing a
wide range of issues that emerge around participatory design, encountered
and discussed in multiple fields. These include, but are not limited to,
HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative
Work), co-design, design research, CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative
Learning), ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for
Development), development studies, design anthropology, sociology, media
studies, architecture and spatial planning, and arts.

In 2018, the Participatory Design Conference will be held in Belgium, in a
year that is characterised by municipal elections in the region. Not only
on a local level are things in motion; we are facing several challenges on
a global level too: growing economic and social inequalities, growing
migration rates, and a rise of xenophobia, right-wing upsurge and
securitarian policies. PDC 2018’s theme, ‘Participatory Design, Politics
and Democracy’, questions both the role of participatory design
practitioners in the PD processes themselves and in the changing political

Deadline: 10.11.2017

You can find the full call here:
19.04.2017 um 10:17 Uhr

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