Markus Köck

Diplomdesigner Produkdesign (1994, HBK Saar; Thema: Behindertenküche) und seit Mai 2012 Doktorand ebenda. Thema: "Stardesigner oder Gestalter des Alltäglichen? Designrezeption in der Aufmerksamkeitsökonomie". Betreuung: Rolf Sachsse. Seit 2018 Lehrbeauftragter an der macromedia Hochschule in Stuttgart Seit 2017 Promotions-Stipendiat der Hans Böckler-Stiftung Arbeitet seit 1996 freiberuflich als Designer und Dozent.

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With almost 10 years up and running, Design Promoviert is one of the longest contiuous activities within the framework of the DGTF—borne solely by doctoral candidates. Two colloquia per year do provide young researchers in the field of design with a singular, German-speaking panel to present and discuss their dissertation projects at various stages, among colleagues and in independence of their universities.

This keynote will take a comparative look at how doing one's doctorate in design is taking place all over Germany—based on my expertise as a participant of Design Promoviert since 2009, having assumed the role of its co-organiser in 2014 and being a doctoral candidate myself since 2012. If we take Frayling as the applicable basis with his differentiation from 1993 concerning research into, about and for design, we can state that the SwissGradNetwork, when intending to base its PhD model on the concept of “use-inspired basic research”, does apply to Frayling's idea of research for design. But far be it from me to stimulate a discussion on that. My presentation aims at giving the audience an overview of the plethora of research approaches that have been presented in the course of our colloquia and the research models they encompass. It will also try to point out the main differences between different models of doing one's doctorate based on individual promotion regulations resulting from the sovereignty of the German states.
Last Exit to Makerville. Eine Kritik am Begriff des Makers
Grounded theory als Basis einer designtheoretischen Dissertation. Ein Zustandsbericht. (Mini-Vorlesung)

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