New York, NY

Annette Diefenthaler

Annette is a Senior Design Researcher and Project Lead for IDEO, based in the New York studio. She helps clients and teams identify actionable insights about user needs and behaviors, and find inspiration for the design process. She guides teams in identifying opportunities and developing strategies for design that address user needs as well as clients' business objectives. Since joining IDEO in January 2008, Annette has worked on numerous complex projects ranging from spatial solutions to consumer products, health offerings, education tools and organizational change. She is passionate about work that is related to education and enjoys exploring how design can make a difference in this area. Besides being a strategic thinker and curious designer, Annette also contributes as a writer and shares her deep understanding of Design Thinking as a guide and instructor, most recently as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Policy at NYU Wagner’a Graduate School of Public Service, and at The New School.

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