Christine Schranz

Christine Schranz (*1973) is professional graphic designer and postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. Christine Schranz has a BA in Design with over 15 years of work experience in the field of branding and corporate design, editorial design and signage systems (with külling partner identity and Meta Design Suisse among others). She was head of the Graphic Design Unit at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. Furthermore she has a comprehensive scientific background with a doctorate in spatial design. Other activities include a pre-doctoral fellowship at TU Berlin and research fellow at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany (both on a grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation). Christine Schranz has broad knowledge in design strategies and design methodology and teaches design studies at several universities in Switzerland and Germany. Furthermore, she regularly publishes papers on design, participates in lectures at international conferences and takes part as jury member.

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