Andreas Unteidig

Andreas is a research associate & lecturer at the Design Research Lab/Berlin University of the Arts, where he explores the relationship of design, technology and the political. Prior to that, he studied at KISD/Cologne and Parsons/NYC and worked as a graphic, interaction and service designer. He has been teaching design methods and theory in Berlin, Cologne, Dessau and Jerusalem. His work has been published and exhibited throughout Europe, the US, Israel and China. He is co-editor of »Design as Research: Positions, Arguments, Perspectives«, published by Birkhäuser in 2016. Andreas co-founded the transdisciplinary research group Civic Infrastructures, and is currently leading the Berlin efforts contributing to the EU research project MAZI (CAPS/H2020).


Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum (DIZF)
EU CAPS // Horizon 2020
Design Research Lab Berlin

Publikationen & Vorträge:

Unteidig et. al (2017): Digital Commons, Urbans Struggles and the Role(s) of Design. Proceedings of EAD 2017 Design for Next (Society). Taylor & Francis (unveröffentlicht).
Joost, Gesche; Bredies, Katharina; Christensen, Michelle; Conradi, Florian; Unteidig, Andreas (Eds.): Design as Research – Positions, Arguments, Perspectives. Basel: Birkhäuser 2016.
Unteidig, Andreas; Herlo, Bianca; Reiter, Lutz (2015): The Hybrid Meeting Point. An urban infrastructure for interacting across boundaries of difference. Proceedings of Hybrid City 2015: Data to the People. Athens: URIAC, pp. 87-94.
Joost, Gesche; Unteidig, Andreas (2015): Design and Social Change: The Changing Environment of a Discipline in Flux. In: Jonas, Wolfgang; Zerwas, Sarah; von Anshelm, Kristof (2015): Transformation Design. Perspectives on a New Design Attitude. Basel: Birkhäuser, pp.134-148.

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